Learning Pathways

Structured learning by using learning pathways, scenarios and “mini-trainings”.

Next to the monthly video service, the 365 Akademie combines learning videos and creates standard or customized learning pathways, scenarios and “mini-trainings”.

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  • Business needs/problem

    The users are confronted with a new way to work and use digital tools. In order to have a successful online meeting/workshop, a correct document management or to use the digital tools for personal productivity, the users need opportunities to approach such scenarios in a structured manner. Sometimes your organization does things differently and you need a individual learning pathway, scenario or “mini-training”.
  • Business solution

    The 365 Akademie combines its learning videos and creates standard or customized learning pathways, scenarios and “mini-trainings”. These learning pathways can be implemented into a intranet, SharePoint site, Teams and even your LMS. The 365 Akademie also creates a new SharePoint site for you and implements all its learning services available.

    The learning pathways can be combined with quizzes and forms for feedback, individual information like PDFs or specific content regarding your organization.

    The scenarios are perfect for your Microsoft 365 or modern workplace team in Teams and can be integrated into the specific channels.

    A integration into Microsoft learning pathways and Microsoft Viva Learning is also possible.
  • Business value

    With learning pathways you give your employees the opportunity to look into a specific scenario a bit closer and have a structured approach. It lowers the need for technical support and improves the usage of all the provided digital tools.
  • Success factors

    The support of management and other key stakeholders and a communication strategy are the two main aspects of a successful implementation. The 365 Akademie supports you with its expertise and gives insights and impulses.
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