Becoming a Service Adoption Specialist

Validate and grow your skills for delivering business results and employee skills as as Service Adoption Specialist.

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Driving effective change is an essential skill and embraces people with a wide variety of professional backgrounds. At Microsoft we refer to this person as a Service Adoption Specialist. Join over 20,000 others to earn your Microsoft focused certificate today in this exciting career area.

Bringing technical and business acumen together:


A Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist brings together six fundamental skill areas to drive adoption, specifically with Microsoft services. It is complimentary to other professional change methodologies like the Prosci model, and more recently the Agile change management approach.

Why invest in becoming a change professional?

More than ever business needs technology to be successful. Whether you are enabling remote work, supporting distance learning or engaging with customers, the potential of technology investments can not be realized without driving behavioral change in people.

Being a Service Adoption Specialist enables you to take your knowledge of Microsoft services and use it to deliver priority business outcomes through your stakeholders, end-users and other Champions. Fundamentally, it is an opportunity to lead change on behalf of others.

IT can not drive change alone:


In today’s changing landscape there is a need for people who have the talent to bring people together around a common goal. As a Service Adoption Specialist you will develop the skills to use Microsoft technology to deliver business outcomes and drive positive change. Bring your diverse background to an exciting area of the technology industry that rewards creativity, technical skill and communications ability.

Plan your Microsoft Teams adoption while taking our course

Our material is interactive – with videos, case studies, downloads and other content – to create an engaging experience. Whether you have a formal organizational change management background, are an IT professional or are entirely new to this industry this baseline course is appropriate for you.

We use Microsoft Teams as our example service deployment in our course, incorporating best practices we’ve gathered from around the world.

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Participate in our online course. You can audit the course for free or pay the nominal fee to receive your certificate via our partner  In some cases you may be able to ask your employer for reimbursement of this fee under your organization’s professional development program. Meet other people who have taken the exam in our Microsoft 365 Champion program.