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Harness the power of the Microsoft 365 developer platform, which spans Microsoft Teams, Office, Graph, SharePoint, and more, to build apps tailored to the precise needs of your role, company, or industry. Developing these productivity experiences for your organization will help drive adoption and create solutions that redefine the way you collaborate and connect. Join the Microsoft 365 Developer program to get a free sandbox and tools to start building now.


Connect with other developers

Join the Office 365 Developer group in the Microsoft Tech Community and connect with other like-minded technologists to share code samples, learn about the latest dev trends, and more.

Next step

Empower citizen developers

With the creation of more low code/no code solutions, you can help evangelize and inspire a new group of developers within your organization. By supporting citizen developers, you can help empower business users to create their own solutions. This allows engineering resources to focus on other initiatives and reduces the development backlog.

Partner Solution Gallery

Are you looking to provide your users, or customers, a custom experience in Microsoft Teams? Explore our gallery of Microsoft Teams partner solutions and learn how to take your business to the next level.

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