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Evangelism and becoming a Champion

Organizations depend on the community of passionate individuals to help improve and drive the culture of adopting new tools and strategies. The first step to help drive this change and do more to help achieve more is by becoming a Champion yourself.


Find inspiration from the community

Leverage both the Microsoft 365 Champion program and the  Champion Tech Community to connect with others and share successful tips that have been the keys to your success. Consider also internally evangelizing your own Champions group and building out the resources for your organization to use and learn from your community experts.

Next step

Continue to learn and invest in your success

Your work as a Champion is always evolving. You are inspiring organizations to achieve more and use solutions in new and unique ways. Your ability to iterate and show how transformational these solutions can be requires new learnings and staying up-to-date on new ways to integrate to achieve your organization’s business outcomes that really make an impact. Learning and developing your skills are key.

Teams Custom Background Gallery

Custom backgrounds provide a great way to minimize those distractions and bring in new ways to meet face-to-face. Submit your own creations to have them featured in our collections from the community!

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