Outlook Mobile Adoption

Microsoft Outlook in Microsoft 365 is the tool to use to bring people, conversations, and communication all together.

Outlook mobile adoption flipbook

Outlook mobile customer adoption flipbook

This interactive guide will help you jumpstart your Outlook mobile implementation.

Outlook mobile customer adoption pack

Sample templates, flyers, and posters that IT Pros, administrators, and trainers can use to roll out and drive adoption of Outlook mobile.

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Microsoft Outlook in Microsoft 365 is the tool to use to bring people, conversations, and communication all together.

Engage Your Org

Engage your entire organization through important announcements and empower your people to share valuable ideas and knowledge.

Train Your Org

Outlook training provides a platform for breaking down silos and empowering individuals to work together and use their collective knowledge to solve problems and make better decisions.

Build Champions

Your innovation is driven by ideas and your expertise fuels all parts of your organization. You are a CHAMPION!

Secure Your Environment

Outlook mobile analytics are available to help you improve engagement and enhance communication in your organization.

Adoption Success Factors

Stakeholders icon


Recruit executive sponsors

Empower champions

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Prioritize your scenarios

Measure success

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Implement comms campaign

Execute launch events

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Train end users

Ready help desk


Recruit key executive sponsors as their influence on culture is critical to driving employees’ adoption of new technology. Champions will evangelize and help build awareness, understanding and engagement throughout the community.

Why Outlook mobile?

Learn about the business value Outlook mobile provides.


Build your Microsoft 365 Champion Program

Learn how a champion program influences end user adoption.

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Build a champion program guide

Learn how a champion program influences end user adoption.

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TEI study shows Outlook mobile cost savings

See an analysis of the cost savings and business benefits of Outlook mobile as described by four large enterprise companies.


Outlook mobile with Microsoft 365 Security, Compliance & Identity

Learn how you can control access, protect data and help prevent accidental leaks of your company information through email and calendaring.


Blog: Manage your time while working from home with help from Outlook

Share this blog with your employees who are now working from home to provide tips on using Outlook.


Outlook tips for balancing work and life

Provide your employees with a checklist to use as a supplement to our work from home blog.


For Admins

Productivity library

Library of user cases, pivoted around all-up Microsoft 365 functionality, helping you to start the conversation with users about how they can use Microsoft 365 in their day-to-day work life.

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Measuring success guide

Guidance on driving ongoing adoption, managing change, measuring and sharing success.


Sample user satisfaction surveys

Templates to gather feedback from your Microsoft 365 users to help track progress and measure success in the areas of user satisfaction and productivity.


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Internal promotional communications and engagement events that focus on creating excitement and awareness for end users are critical to drive sustained usage

Campaign to raise awareness regarding the value Outlook for iOS and Android will provide.

Outlook mobile countdown email template

Customizable email informing employees of upcoming Outlook mobile rollout within your organization.


Outlook mobile editable poster template

Customizable poster used to help raise awareness of your Outlook mobile rollout.


Outlook mobile flyer template

Customizable flyer handout for your employees.


Events to kick-off an Outlook for iOS and Android launch and support adoption post-launch.

Launch and buzz event planning

Best practices and key steps to help you plan Outlook mobile launch days and buzz events in your organization.


Snackable Videos

Short videos to play during the launch events to create excitement and awareness.

Game changer, day changer

Watch video

Outlook mobile – designed for the moments that matter

Watch video

Outlook mobile – designed to meet your needs at work

Watch video

Outlook mobile – designed to keep you moving

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Communication and guide(s) to help end users get set up quickly and easily.

Quick Start Guide – Downloadable PDF

Guidance on getting your users up and running quickly.

Outlook for iOs Outlook for Android

Optimize the Outlook mobile app

Article providing employees with tips on how to optimize Outlook for their needs.


Install the app now

Provide this link to your employees to download the app for iOS or Android.


OneDrive Announcement Template

Template informing of your OneDrive roll-out.

Outlook for iOs Outlook for Android

Switching to Outlook mobile

Set up and get started with Outlook mobile.


Outlook mobile email announcement template

Customizable email informing employees of your Outlook mobile roll-out.


Email templates allowing you to follow-up with your users post roll-out and launch around specific use case scenarios.

Tips to access & find files

Customizable email to send to employees' post-launch with tips to stay more productive on the go.


Time saving tips reference sheet

PDF that provides time saving tips of Outlook mobile features and functionality.



Conduct end user training to enable your organization to realize the full value of Outlook for iOS and Android.

Training and guidance on how to use Outlook mobile with Microsoft 365.

Securing Outlook for iOS and Android in Exchange Online

Additional guidance on securing Outlook mobile using EMS

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Help desk guide

Troubleshoot Outlook mobile issues.

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On demand webinar: 10 time saving tips

Watch now

Videos that can help end users understand different Outlook mobile features and functionalities.

Manage your inbox

Play My Emails (for iOS only)

Watch video

RSVP instantly to invites

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Swipe right & manage Inbox

Watch video

Focused inbox

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Outlook Android widgets

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Day in the Life guides

Explore ways Outlook mobile is used throughout a typical day of a marketing professional.